I want to use this space to share things that will hopefully bring; hope, gratitude and joy, during this uncertain time. Whilst the news is scary and some days are more challenging than others, I have also never felt so grateful than right now for the simple things in life: books, the internet, my morning cup of coffee, a cupboard full of ingredients, fresh air and the morning sun. 

So today, I wanted to share this glorious chocolate mousse recipe that I hope can bring a little joy to you and, if you’re lucky enough to be in isolation with them, then your loved ones too. 

Mousse au Chocolat (Serves 4)

170g Chocolate

30g Butter

8 Egg whites (large eggs)

40g Caster Sugar

Tsp Lemon

  1. Melt in bowl butter and chocolate
  2. Beat lemon juice and egg whites until soft peaks form
  3. Add sugar then beat until firm peaks form 
  4. Add egg whites to melted chocolate gradually (one third at a time) but quickly and until thick and well combined
  5. Place into containers and put in fridge for 3 hours
  6. Enjoy! 

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