1. Megalochori

Megalochori is a picturesque traditional settlement located on the Southwest of Santorini. This captivating village is filled with white washed buildings, cobbled paths, wooden doors, old cave houses, gorgeous churches and a stunning view of the caldera. It is truly, a beautiful and enchanting place to wander. 

When your legs get tired you can visit the central square to unwind and embrace the local culture and cuisine where you will find shops, cafes and local tavernas. 

We particularly recommend Tzanakis, an authentic family run taverna own by a lovely woman who showed us into her kitchen and gave us the pleasure of choosing from the many, delicious dishes she had made that day. It was a very special dining experience and both the food and service was warm and soul-filling. 

Side note: Megalochori is also known for vineyards and wineries which you can also take advantage of touring whilst visiting the village. Unfortunately we did not manage to visit these. 

2. Emporio

Emporio is Santorini’s largest village and traditional settlement. 

Emporio means “trade” as the village was once the centre of all trade and commerce on the island. Narrow alleys, stone houses, tiny windows, beautiful churches and a medieval castle makes Emporio a fascinating and mesmerising place to get lost (and you probably will get lost as it is an absolute maze). It isn’t very touristic which makes wandering through this charming village calming and peaceful. 

During our walk here, we spotted a quaint little bar selling freshly squeezed orange juice. A welcomed refreshment in the blistering heat. If you take a trip to Emporio, make sure to map out this place and stop off to enjoy a refreshment whilst relaxing and taking in the incredible view. 

3. Thirasia

The beautiful Island of Thirasia was once part of Santorini but after the volcano eruption at around 1600BC, Santorini was broken into many pieces and thus formed Thirasia. Today the island has only 150 permanent residents and is said to resemble Santorini pre tourist industry. In summer time you can experience the idyllic island via daily boat trips and enjoy dining in one of the many delicious tavernas that look onto the stunning clear blue sea. We devoured a lobster souvlaki, grilled in right front of us; it was utterly divine. 

4. Vylchada

Vylchada is one of the most tranquil and interesting beaches in Santorini due to its beautiful rock formation, also caused by the volcanic eruption in 1600BC. 

Whilst visting Vylchada you can take a pit stop at the amazing To Psaraki for lunch and enjoy a stunning view onto the blue marina. The food here is fresh, simple local and truly delicious. We particularly recommend the tomatokeftedes (tomato fritters) and the fava beans; both particular to the Santorini cuisine.

5. Akrotiri Sunset View

Yes, the Oia sunset is beautiful but it is also so busy that it is difficult to fully embrace it’s beauty. 

If you want to enjoy the sun coming down in a more peaceful, quiet setting, then grab a bottle of wine and some glasses and head to the Akrotiri Sunset View. Here you can enjoy the sun setting over the breathtaking caldera in an idyllic, much calmer setting.  

There are plenty of beautiful spots to watch the sunset in Santorini but this was our favourite. 

Tips for getting around:

The Island is small, a scooter or quad bike is the perfect means of transport. You can also use the local bus service which is efficient too. Alternatively, you can of course rent a car. 



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